Openly Adds OpenURL 1.0 to Google Scholar Plugin

11 January 2005



Firefox Web Browser Extension Puts New Standard to Work in Libraries

Bloomfield, New Jersey - January 11, 2005 - Openly Informatics, Inc. ( today announced that it had added OpenURL 1.0 support, along with several other user-friendly features, to an Open Source browser plugin extension that adds linking to web pages in the Google Scholar service.

The plug-in software, called "OpenURL Referrer", works with the Firefox Web Browser ( and was inspired by a "proof-of-concept" released by Peter Binkley, a librarian at the University of Alberta Libraries. Although Google Scholar can very useful for identifying the title, author, and other bibliographic information associated with an article, very often users can't use Google Scholar to access the full text of an article. This is because Google Scholar links to many articles in restricted databases that require a subscription or payment to access the full text.

Users that have installed OpenURL Referrer see added "OpenURL" links on Google Scholar web pages. These links work with library linking systems to provide access to full-text licensed by libraries. Because OpenURL is standard developed by the scholarly information community with the support of NISO, it works with linking systems developed by many different vendors.

Openly has also added user-friendly features to the extension, including a preferences panel, an auto-update mechanism and a profiles feature. OpenURL Referrer adds support for Digital Object Identifiers (doi) and PubMed identifiers, allowing library software to acquire bibliographic data beyond that available from Google Scholar.

"OpenURL Referrer, working together with link-server systems, puts a library's electronic content at a user's fingertips." said Openly's President, Eric Hellman. "We want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this technology and the library access that it enables."

OpenURL Referrer is free and is available under open-source license from Openly's web site at

About Openly Informatics

Openly Informatics, Inc., is the world's leading provider of OEM linking software and services. Openly Informatics software and data can be found hidden inside solutions developed and marketed by the world's leading Integrated Library System Vendors and Information Aggregators. 1Cate (1 Click Access To Everything!) (, is Openly's standards-based localized linking server that directs users to a library's "appropriate copy". Information on Openly Informatics, Inc. is available at Openly's web-site,

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Eric Hellman,
Openly Informatics, Inc

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